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Our Story

 As a group of friends, living in the heart of Berkshire, our early years were spent either riding the local forests trying to find the next dirt jump, setting up a rail in the car park and finding the next big set of stairs to clear. Our eyes always on the lookout for anything to jump - nothing was just an object. Even now we are still tempted by anything that looks like it would be fun to jump, hang and spin off from.


This same excitement is what took us to the south west coast, where we would spend our family holidays in Devon and Cornwall. Here is where the next chapter of our passions for surfing began. The sea water offered, and still to this days offers mother natures most unpredictable, challenging and relaxing playground. We were always on the lookout for that next breaking wave. This is still the case today, with every spare weekend spent in that salt water with friends and family..well trying to stay on top it most of the time.


The ocean isn't where it stops. In search that next trick, training was needed, this is need for these action sports! Along came gymnastics, a fun place where you can spin jump and flip and with foam pits and bars everywhere, why not! Don't get me wrong this place is not for the faint-hearted, but this is where the drills come in for that next trick. And wow that feeling when you land that trick on the floor - your never too old is what we say! No Control....


At the heart of everything that we do at No Control is our desire is to inspire fun and no holding back shopping experience. We believe that in the 21st century, shoppers should be able to buy high-quality and affordable goods—anytime, anywhere.  As well as the fun and  friendly shopping experience we also are here to help with any questions or tips, or if you just want to chat about your latest tear up. We also repairs to equipment. Take a look at our site, and contact us with questions or suggestions.

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